President: Dr. Joanna Miller

Dr. Miller is an associate professor of biology and the leader of the Branchburg Education Foundation.  A past chair of the grants committee, Dr. Miller uses her science and educational backgrounds to work with teachers and staff to identify and promote programs for the benefit of our students. Dr. Miller drives the Foundation’s vision to maximize opportunities for Branchburg and Somerville High School students to succeed in higher education, career, and life.

 Vice-President: Dr. Steven Quintavalla

Dr. Quintavalla is an advocate for STEAM education, having developed sports-based science and math curricula in partnership with companies such as NBCLearn and Chevron. Dr. Quintavalla is most passionate about the Foundation’s value of Innovation and is excited to help bring new opportunities to the classroom. He is also a consummate writer of trustee biographies.

 Executive Secretary: Roseann Kovelman

Ms. Kovelman is a learning and development/education professional. As the Executive Secretary of the Branchburg Education Foundation, she uses her professional background to ensure that the business needs of the Foundation are met, while at the same time acting as the communications chair and web-master. Mrs. Kovelman identifies with the Foundation values Equity and Integrity.

 Treasurer: Kim Nawrath

Ms. Nawrath is a financial professional and educator with significant experience in volunteering, leadership, and fundraising for Branchburg education. She brings professionalism and expertise to the treasurer position, embodying the Foundation’s value of Integrity.

 Grants Chair: Keerti Purohit

Ms. Purohit is an executive in the data and analytics field, and a past member of the Branchburg School District School Board. As the grants chairperson, Ms. Purohit interacts directly with the administration, teachers, and staff to bring novel educational experiences to life. With her background in supporting education in the Branchburg community, she elevates educational outcomes for our students.

Fundraising Chair: Anita Krishnamurti

Ms. Krishnamurti is an educator and a dedicated advocate for the mission of the Branchburg Education Foundation to support our students and schools. Ms. Krishnamurti brings energy, drive, and innovative thinking to the BEF’s fundraising activities, and manages the Foundation’s social media presence, connecting with our community.

Trustee: Sandra Carmody

Ms. Carmody is a local business owner and a long-serving trustee of the Branchburg Education Foundation. With several children in the Branchburg School District, she has been an energetic fundraiser, communicator, and advocate for educational opportunities for all Branchburg and Somerville High School students. Mrs. Carmody exemplifies Equity and Integrity on our Board.

 President Emeritus: Greg Confer

Mr. Confer is an IT professional in the insurance industry, and president emeritus of the Branchburg Education Foundation. He and his family have a long history of volunteerism, deep roots in the community, and a strong interest in educational opportunities for our students. As a past president, Mr. Confer helped to build the Foundation to what it is today.

Trustee: Eve Wasserman

Ms. Wasserman is a special education teacher, a long-standing member of the Board of Trustees, and a former communications chairperson. Ms. Wasserman brings her talents and passion to Branchburg Education Foundation fundraisers, and brings an important and unique perspective as a special education teacher to the Board of Trustees, representing the values of Equity and Educational Benefit.

We encourage you to participate in our exciting fundraising events, volunteer, or become a "Power of 100" donor!

Thanks to our former and emeritus trustees:
These trustees have served the Branchburg community and helped to drive our mission forward.
Rich Gagliardi
Debbie Rosenthal
Tricia Sutton
Reham Shaheen
Bruce Tunkel
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