February 24, 2020

Pocketbook Bingo 2020 ON SALE

We are excited to announce that tickets for Pocketbook Bingo are on sale NOW! Join us on Friday, May 1st, 7pm at RVCC for this fun event. Just select the number of seats you want to reserve, then click the BUY NOW button.

Save $100 by reserving a full table!

Choose # of seats:
If possible, seat me with:

Win designer pocketbooks and other great prizes. 10 rounds of Bingo, light fare, appetizers and desserts included with your ticket purchase. Additional bingo cards, 50/50 raffle and tricky tray extra.

All proceeds to support the Branchburg Education Foundation. The BEF is a non-profit organization with a sole commitment to foster educational excellence in Branchburg Schools and Somerville High School by providing grants for innovative, enriching programs.

10 comments on “Pocketbook Bingo 2020 ON SALE”

    1. 10 rounds of Bingo, light fare, appetizers and desserts are included with a ticket purchase. 50/50 and other raffles are extra.

  1. I just purchased a FULL table. I included all the names and one TBD.

    We are guaranteed to all sit together, as one table, correct?

    Thanks and looking forward to it!

  2. Just bought 1 ticket. But I have friends who are buying their own tickets. We would like to all sit at the same table, who to contact and give the list of names so we're seated together? Thanks.

    1. Just above the BUY NOW button, there's a space for "If possible, seat me with:". Enter the names there.

  3. I already bought my ticket, I can't go back and enter the names of the people. And they are buying their own tickets as well. I remember last year I sent the list by email with all the names when everyone was registered. Can I do the same this year? What email address should I send it to? Thanks.

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